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Divorce Process and Records

Divorce Records – What You Need to Know

Divorce is a legal action that ends the marriage between two people. There are several ways to file divorce papers, including mediation and collaborative divorce processes. The process can be expensive, however.

Anyone can request access to York County divorce records. The court case files are available for review during regular business hours.

Petition for Divorce

Divorce is one of the most common ways that couples end their marriages. It involves a court case where a couple must follow particular steps that are controlled by state law and local rules.

The first step is filing the petition for divorce. This form is called the complaint and outlines your request for a divorce. It must be filed with the clerk of court and a filing fee paid.

Once the complaint is filed, you must serve it on your spouse. This means giving him or her copies of the summons and the complaint. Service is usually done by law enforcement or a professional process server.


The York county divorce papers include all documents filed during the process of dissolving a marriage. A petition for divorce can be filed by a couple for several reasons, including financial issues, domestic violence, and infidelity. To get a divorce, couples must meet two qualifications: a legal reason and a residency requirement.

This office operates as a filing office for civil actions, records judgments and liens (local, state and federal), indexes and charter of corporations, notary public, naturalizations, and passport acceptance agent. It also collects filing fees, time-stamps, and issues receipts.

The office responds to requests for open records in writing. Responses that deny requests in whole or in part list the reasons cited for the denial.

Affidavit of Consent

Typically, both parties in a divorce action need to submit an affidavit of consent. This document is an official statement by both parties that they agree to the terms of their divorce and are giving their full consent to proceed with the case.

The York County Clerk of Courts is responsible for the filing and management of all court documents in civil and family courts. In addition, this office maintains liens against real estate and personal property, indexes court files and serves as a passport acceptance agent.

The clerk’s website allows users to search for a variety of civil court actions, including divorces. The search box searches by participant name by default, but it can be left blank and a specific time frame chosen in the Advanced Filter Options.

Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit

The DRFA requires both parties to submit a statement of their income, assets, and debts. This information helps the court figure out how much alimony or child support to award. It also determines whether property is marital, which can be divided between spouses, or non-marital, which belongs to one party.

The form must be completed and signed in the presence of a notary. It also needs to be updated whenever there’s a change in circumstances, such as if one spouse gets a raise or loses a job.

The York County Clerk of Courts has a search portal where you can find public divorce records for cases in the 19 magisterial district courts. You can search by participant name or leave it blank and select a time frame.

Mandatory Seminar Notice

The Navigating Family Change: Parenting seminar is a four hour program that addresses the effects of divorce and separation on children. It is mandatory for anyone who is involved in a case involving a child custody dispute, separate maintenance, paternity, change of custody, visitation, legitimation or other domestic action that affects a child. Couples are not required to attend the seminar together.

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Final Judgment and Decree

A final divorce decree (not to be confused with a divorce certificate) is the official court order that ends your marriage. It details everything from property division to custody to alimony, and it is a legally enforceable document that you can use to take legal action against your ex if he or she violates any of its terms.

You can get a copy of your final divorce decree by searching the York County court online. You can search by participant name or leave the field blank. You can also search by case category (such as Divorce and Custody). Just make sure to include a date range when you select your criteria.

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