Obtaining Public Records in Jefferson County Colorado

Jefferson County Colorado Public Records

Jefferson County, Colorado provides members of the public with a variety of online and in-person resources. They can use these to obtain vital birth and death records, deeds, property tax information, and more.

The county courthouse also houses records related to divorces. A verified copy of a marriage or divorce certificate can be obtained by visiting the office of the clerk and recorder.

Birth Records

Those seeking copies of birth records may apply at the register of deeds office in Jefferson County. This office processes all requests on the day they are received and can mail them via USPS. It also accepts private courier services.

Applicants must provide a copy of their driverRIR,(tm)s license or proof of address with their application. In addition, a completed Designation of Representative Authorized to Obtain Vital Record form must be provided. This authorization must be notarized. The state office will not verify information on the document or issue a certified copy without this authorization.

Interested individuals can access property records through the Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder or the Assessor’s office. These public records are available for purchase online. The department can also supply verification of marriages and divorces recorded at the local registrar’s office or through a state office. The verification certificate can be used for travel, passport, social security, school registration and personal identification.

Marriage Records

Jefferson County marriage records are available to anyone who wants them. A marriage application can be filled out online or at the clerk’s office. Both applicants must provide valid identification and swear that the information on the form is true.

The clerk and recorder’s office is responsible for recording real estate documents and registering marriage licenses. They also maintain property tax information and indexes. They can also help you research your ancestors and local history.

You can find more information about obtaining copies of public records in Colorado by visiting the state’s public records page. You can also search for public records at a city or town’s civil registration office or the county recorder’s office. You may need to pay a fee for certain copies of documents. The State also offers a service that can send you certified copies of documents for a fee. These services generally have faster processing times and offer more payment options.

Death Records

Colorado death records are maintained by the local registrar or clerk. They contain information on the cause and date of death of an individual. These records are a great source of information for genealogy and family history. To obtain a copy of the death record, you will need to submit a complete application, proof of identity, and the correct fees. You can also use an affidavit to correct spelling or add a name to the death record. However, name changes must be handled by probate court.

Jefferson County is located along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in the State of Colorado. It is named in honor of Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States. It was formed in 1860 and was the fourth most populous county in the state as of 2010. Today, it boasts an impressive blend of suburban living and a thriving business community. The county is home to a variety of natural wonders, from the Great Plains to the magnificent peaks of the Rockies.

Property Records

Jefferson County property records include deeds & title, GIS maps and building permits. They can be searched by address, parcel id, survey or schedule number. Other public record sources available online for Jefferson County include zoning records, appraisals and UCC filings. Jefferson County foreclosure information can be searched by borrower name, address, sold date range or scheduled sale date range.

You can also find a variety of genealogical records online for Colorado including cemeteries, census records, marriages, death certificates, birth and death notices, family history books, newspapers and probate records. These links open in a new window.

Other Colorado historical records include tax and assessment lists, compiled between 1866 and 1948, which list names of owners with descriptions and locations of their land (but not buildings), as well as acreage and production numbers for farmland and livestock. These records can be a great supplement to census records. You can also find state-wide indexes and records for Colorado on FamilySearch.

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